The "RMIE" was created in February 2007 to help oil and gas companies operating in and around the Rocky Mountain Region better share information and network among themselves.  The membership has gone from 12 who attended the original luncheon in 2007 to our maximum of 200.  This website is open to all of the members of the Rocky Mountain Information Exchange (RMIE) and the public.  

The basic information shared on this site is free and completely voluntary.  If any of the RMIE members/member companies want to post specific information regarding their companies, projects or prospects, there is a fee.

​The fee is $250/year to post this information and have full support with unlimited pages/changes/additions/etc. on this website.

To have additional information included on your company's page, please contact:

Gerald West Brummett




Next Luncheon:

May 2, 2019

     Rocky Mountain Information Exchange